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New Album 

New Album

New Album

Algestia is Forever will be out in November. one of the pieces is Forever

Algestia named for the title of the Album.

other pieces are

Natara Dream, there will be seven or eight tracks

The instrument is my Yamaha M0X8.

stay tune. for more news.

March of the puppies 

How I came up with the title and music March of the Puppies.

When I feed the puppies at work they run in for their food.

when it came to feeding time, those babies would literally march in for their food.

The piece was written for Guide Dog Funday a few years ago. I played it in the middle of the kennel

hallway next to

puppy kennel.

Last year after I sold the yamaha 5700 and bought the new keyboard i tried to copy the piece but

could not do it. March of the Puppies is now on my website and in my computer…

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Wild Horse Meadow 

Mystic Way album, the piece Wild Horse Meadow, How I came up with this piece.

My favorite animal is the horse. I dreamed of a meadow with wild horses.

Watching horses run is since of freedom I have. Dreaming of  them run gave me

the idea of the piece.

Listen Wild Horse Meadow


Nancy Stafford

Mystic Way's

Pianist and composer