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Mystic Way CD on internet radio

To really understand each song you have to know this artist, I had the privilege of having her as my

roommate in college.

She has always loved horses and had several of her own. She was the type that love to tease, but

was totally different when she rode her horses, running them thru the fields there was a freedom, a

freedom that she expresses thur her music.

I wished I could of shared her music it would come straight from the heart. It totally showing her

emotions. I learned one of her pieces, Battle of the ships by memory, it took several months to

learn. We sat down at the opera grand at the college, and she made me sound so good.

I wished I had recorded it then, as I  do not remember it now. There were times in the Music

Building where some of the best. I could hear her and ran into the room and say play that again,

and she could not play it again. Her music is felt thur her mind.

After years of playing she now has her music down so other can enjoy what a gift God has given




Suzanne Diebel

Carmichael, Calif






reponse From Facebook and other comments

Quotes from facebook response,

March of the puppies



Heidi Sanders

December 2013


Inspiring and Lovely

Mike and Debra Carey

 Debra bought Mystic Way

on Christmas Day.

December 2013




I love this site, I'm sharing it with one of my former music pastors who plays the piano

Nancy was my roommate at Sierra College. Where she taught me on of her pieces.


Suzanne Diebel

December 2013







Letter From Oakmont Gardens,

Oakmont Gardens is a retirement Community.


Dear Nancy,

Thank you so much for making a rare Sunday appearance here at Oakmont Gardens and for giving

the residents an enjoyable afternoon of music and music appreciation.

I have already had many come to me and express how much they enjoyed not only your


 Your explanations and demonstrations concerning what is to them a new and unique instrument.

They look forward to your next appearance and so do I.



Susan Simon

Activity Director



Beth Hallett