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Nancy Stafford

Nancy has been composing music for piano and keyboard since the age of fifteen.

For over fourty years, people have enjoyed listening to Nancy's music.

Since college, She has written music for plays and showcases

In 1995 she was video recorded by Marin Channel 31

Mystic Way is Nancy's  Album Mystic Way , released December 15th 2013

Mystic Way is all grand piano music. and now you can listen to some of Nancy's

works are now on internet radio stations. Mystic way on Spotify, Napster, and 

Jango. com



 album Algestia  is Forever, Algestia means to dream of a place or time

to get away from reality of everyday life. Algestia is pronounced as Ala-gis-ta. It

comes from my own thoughts . Many of the pieces of this album have their own

meanings. You can purchase all three of her albums from Cd Baby. com and

Amazon. com

2016 two of Nancy's piece have won awards for Best Original Music/Soundtrack

Dance of the Fox , Canadian Diversity Film Festival June 30

Santia Starlight, Chandler Film Festival , Arizona, Sept. 30 November 30at

Canadian Diversity Film Festival ,

Starlight Finale. Top Five composer.

Wind International Music and Film Festival

Dance of the Fox

Played at Roswell Film and Music Festival.

She was also award two certificates of Acceptation and excellent at 2016 Views of

the World Music and Film Festival Quebec, Canada

Dance of the Fox and Dream On.

Given By Yegor Irodv of Ukraine, Russia, Star Media, and an ambassador to the

Film Festival, and a member of the international televise art and Sciences